Pandorans are the monsters trapped inside Pandora's Box. They fight both the Power Rangers and Lord Maahes's forces. All come from mythology, though only some from Earth culture.


A misshapen green humanoid with the ability to make technology malfunction. It was the first monster faced by the Rumor Legion Rangers, though they were somewhat scattered at the time. Blaze even paused to suggest going out for drinks with it, though he had to retract the offer when they finally got their act together and destroyed the monster.


A shaggy, ogrelike beast with prominent claws and fangs, and a gemstone set between two buglike eyes. Through that gem it could transform people into their spirit animal. It worked alonside Valkyrie against the Rangers, turning Shiori into a kitten and taunting Yora. As soon as Yora destroyed its gem all of its victims turned back to normal, though it did have a single energy shot left. It tried to blast Yora, but Shiori took the blow--and discovered her new power of invulnerability. The full team destroyed him with the Spirit Ranger Strike, but Lizadite brought him back as a giant with a new spell. The brand-new Warrior Megazord was able to destroy him for good.


A half-woman, half-spider monster who took up residence inside Kyra Falls. She was able to cocoon and transform women into monsters like her, and intended to consume everyone else. All Jorogumo had four large fangs, two on the top and two on the bottom, and could spit webbing. The Rangers entered the woods to investigate the disappearances, and were ambushed by one of the Jorogumo. They captured her and brought it back to Reya, who identified it as one of the missing persons. A group of the monsters invaded the park and took prisoners, including Kai, back to their lair.

The Rangers followed, but were attacked, and in the melee Shiori was caught and cocooned. By the time the Rangers freed her, she'd already been partly transformed. Isabel broke away from the group in time to avoid capture, and made it to the falls, where the Jorogumo Queen confronted her. She tried to convince (and hypnotize) Isabel into joining her, but a timely phonecall from her father snapped her out of it. The other Rangers were able to free themselves and most of the captives in that time. Isabel shot the Queen in the mouth, disabling her spinnerets and causing her to lose control of the other Jorogumo, who all reverted back to human form quickly.

The Jorogumo Queen took a lot of hits from the Rangers, but something inside the waterfall sliced her back and prompted her to start growing giant-sized--and even more monstrous. The Rangers summoned and combined their Zords to destroy her.

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