Gender: Male
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Season: Power Rangers: Mesozoic Giants
Type: Technical Adviser
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First Appearance: Mesozoic Mission, Part 1
Last Appearance: Diving Deep
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Polypton is the technical adviser of Mama D, and currently deceased.


Mama D picked up Polypton on a planet in the Forbidden Zone, after one of his Monsterification Bugs went rather awry and trashed the palace of the local Dark Overlord. As the pirate looted the place, she recognized a genius when she saw one, and brought him along, to his eternal gratitude.

Polypton worked faithfully for Mama D for years, building monster after monster and watching them wreak havoc as Mama D plundered. He also repaired and upgraded Hades' Gilded Doom after a few nasty firefights. Along the way, Polypton discovered that he was an effective torturer, although he'd feared he might not have the stomach for it at first.

When Mama D came to Northside, and was given Cobalt by the Akra, Polypton simply shrugged and went along with it. He was never sure how to respond to her parenting issues, just going about his work. However, when the Akra's telepathic wave knocked Cobalt and several civilians unconscious, Polypton began putting the pieces together. He realized that there was no logical way Cobalt could be her natural son, and helped her realize that they had an imposter.

Polypton oversaw the interrogation of Cobalt, and was nearly killed by him when he went berserk. Later, he did the same for the captured Tawny, removing her internal Akra when it absorbed his pets' venoms.

When the Mesozoic Rangers stormed the ship, Polypton was captured by Danielle on the bridge. She attempted to send him to her teammates through the teleportation system, but it took a laser blast at the worst possible moment. Polypton, partially materialized, fell into the dock where the other Rangers waited, and his molecules were mixed into it. Most likely he was instantly killed.


Polypton was calm and collected, no matter what he was doing. He maintained a mild attitude, obeying orders and working hard.

Talents and Abilities

Polypton never demonstrated any supernatural abilities, but he was a clever technical advisor, skilled in both technology and biology. He was able to build six Mirror Morphers and create insects that turned into monsters.


Polypton was a short, pudgy monster with grey hands and covered in red coral.

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