theirs a war coming between every ranger and the villains have come together for one final confrontation against every ranger they had ever fought that defeated them now they have returned and are preparing for one massive attack of every rangers defeat is to come for their loved ones and family and a Rogue Ranger mounts a war between every ranger his name Marvak theTalon Ranger

Mighty Morphin Team

Red Ranger - Jason Lee Scott

Black Ranger - Zack Taylor

Blue Ranger - Billy Cranston

Yellow Ranger - Trini Kwan

Pink Ranger - Kimberly Hart

Alien Team

Red Ranger - Aurico

Black Ranger - Corcus

Blue Ranger - Cestro

Yellow Ranger - Tideus

White Ranger - Delphine

ZEO Team

Red Ranger - Tommy Oliver

Green Ranger - Adam Park

Blue Ranger - Rocky DeSantos

Yellow Ranger - Tanya Sloan

Pink Ranger - Katherine Hillard

Turbo Team

Red Ranger - Theodore Jarvis J

Green Ranger - Carlos Vallerte

Blue Ranger - Justin Stewart

Yellow Ranger - Ashley Hammond

Pink Ranger - Cassie Chan

In Space Team

Red Ranger - Andros

Black Ranger - Carlos Vallerte

Blue Ranger - Theodore Jarvis J

Yellow Ranger - Ashley Hammond

Pink Ranger - Cassie Chan

Lost Galaxy Team

Red Ranger - Leo Corbett

Green Ranger - Damon Henderson

Blue Ranger - Kai Chen

Yellow Ranger - Maya

Pink Ranger - Karone

Lightspeed Rescue Team

Red Ranger - Carter Grayson

Green Ranger - Joel Rowlings

Blue Ranger - Chad Lee

Yellow Ranger - Kelsey Winsloy

Pink Ranger - Dana Mitchell

Time Force Team

Red Ranger - Wes Collins

Green Ranger - Trip

Blue Ranger - Lucas Kendall

Yellow Ranger - Katie Walker

Pink Ranger - Jen Scotts

Wild Force Team

Red Ranger - Cole Evans

Black Ranger - Danny Delgado

Blue Ranger - Max Cooper

Yellow Ranger - Taylor Earhardt

White Ranger - Alyssa Enrile

Ninja Storm Team

Red Ranger - Shane Clarke

Yellow Ranger - Dustin Brooks

Blue Ranger - Tori Hanson

Navy Ranger - Blake Bradley

Crimson Ranger - Hunter Bradley

Dino Thunder Team

Red Ranger - Connor McKnight

Black Ranger - Tommy Oliver

Blue Ranger - Ethan James

Yellow Ranger - Kira Ford

White Ranger - Trent Mercer

S.P.D Team

Red Ranger - Jack Landorz

Blue Ranger - Sky Tate

Green Ranger - Bridge Carson

Yellow Ranger - Z Delgado

Pink Ranger - Sydney Drew

Mystic Force Team

Red Ranger - Nick Russell

Blue Ranger - Maddie Rocca

Green Ranger - Xander Bly

Yellow Ranger - Charlie Thorne

Pink Ranger - Vida Rocca

Operation Overdrive Team

Red Ranger - Mack Hartford

Black Ranger - Will Aston

Blue Ranger - Dax Lo

Yellow Ranger - Ronnie Robinson

Pink Ranger - Rose Ortiz

Jungle Fury Team

Red Ranger - Shark Ranger - Casey Rhodes

Blue Ranger - Bat Ranger - Theo Martin

Yellow Ranger - Elephant Ranger - Lilly Chilman

Wolf Ranger - R.J.

Rhino Ranger - Dominic Hargan

R.P.M Team

Red Ranger - Scott Truman

Blue Ranger - Flynn McAllister

Yellow Ranger - Summer Landsdown

Green Ranger - Ziggy Grover

Black Ranger - Dillon

Samurai/Super Samurai Team

Red Ranger - Jayden Shiba

Blue Ranger - Kevin

Green Ranger - Mike

Yellow Ranger - Emily

Pink Ranger - Mia Watanabe

Megaforce/Super Megaforce Team

Red Ranger - Super Mega Red - Troy Burrows

Black Ranger - Super Mega Green - Jake Holling

Blue Ranger - Super Mega Blue - Noah Carver

Yellow Ranger - Super Mega Yellow - Gia Moran

Pink Ranger - Super Mega Pink - Emma Goodall

Dino Charge/Dino Supercharge Team

Red Ranger - Tyler Navarro

Black Ranger - Chase Randall

Blue Ranger - Koda

Green Ranger - Riley Griffin

Pink Ranger - Shelby Watkins

Gold Ranger - Sir Ivan of Zandar

Aqua Ranger - James Navarro

Graphite Ranger - Prince Phillip

Purple Ranger - Kendall Morgan

Silver Ranger - Xenowing

Ninja Steel Team

Red Ranger - Brody Romero

Yellow Ranger - Calvin Maxwell

Blue Ranger - Preston Tien

White Ranger - Hayley Foster

Pink Ranger - Sarah Thompson

Blitz Team

Red Ranger - Anton Steeves

Black Ranger - Roy Hernandez

Blue Ranger - Daryl Hendrikson

Yellow Ranger - Nina Vance

Pink Ranger - Anna Burkh

Battalion Team

Red Ranger - Andy Viktors

Black Ranger - Gary Valence

Blue Ranger - Hal Michaels

Yellow Ranger - Hannah Gillard

Pink Ranger - Alexa Jackson

Squadron Team

Red Ranger - Harry Reynolds

Green Ranger - Mark Farrington

Blue Ranger - Flash Harolds

Yellow Ranger - Luke Moran

Pink Ranger - Blaire Osnick

Prism Team

Red Ranger - Derek Marrow

Green Ranger - Gray Fletcher

Blue Ranger - Kyle O'Brian

Yellow Ranger - Maggie Weston

Pink Ranger - Tina Farrington

Lightning Team

Red Ranger -Randy Jewels

Black Ranger - Brick Monney

Blue Ranger - Brad Harrington

White Ranger - Tammy Pierce

Pink Ranger - Tandy Marrow

Supersonic Team

Red Ranger - Ian Jackson

Black Ranger - Van Jackson

Blue Ranger - Pryce Jackson

Yellow Ranger - Stella Jackson

Pink Ranger Mella Jackson

Star Force Team

Red Ranger - Leone

Orange Ranger - Scorpus

Blue Ranger - Fang

Gold Ranger - Scale

Black Ranger - Torro

Silver Ranger - Norin Ray

Green Ranger - Chamelea

Pink Ranger - Eagle One

Yellow Ranger - Spade

Dragon Ranger - Dragun

Skyforce Ranger - Kobear

Phoenix Ranger -

Ancient Thunder Team

Red Ranger - Van

Black Ranger - Gio

Green Ranger - Ken

Yellow Ranger - Hanna

White Ranger - Lisa

Pink Ranger - Tina

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