Power Rangers: Legion of Monsters is a fanfiction by Michelle the Editor set in and running from early spring to midsummer of 2011. It follows the events of Power Rangers: Stellar Corps, but focuses on the Monster Rangers through the eyes of Blue Ranger Jacob Anderson. It is an "adaptation" of the Sentai Sentai Kaibutsu Raikōger, and is up for major revisions at an unspecified point in the future.


The Alchemist, in his plot to destroy the Stellar Corps Rangers, recruits teenagers whose pasts involved Power Rangers, and gives them powers based on classic monsters.



Designation Name
Vampire Charlie Hammond
Wolf-Man Joe Chan
Mummy Layla Farida
Bride of Frankenstein Heather Whitestone
Gill-Man Jacob Anderson
Jekyll and Hyde Marco Raxon



Designation Name Creator
Jupiter Rex Uluru SSJ-Jolt
Luna James Rath WolfsbaneX
Sol Kaiden Hart Rye Lee
Saturn Marco Raxon
Mars Tony Kniekamp Gmoney22
Mercury Rachel Lee Rye Lee
Venus Elandra of KO-35 Michelle the Editor
  • Zeuth


  • Power Coins


  • Vampire
  • Gill-Man
  • Mummy
  • Bride of Frankenstein
  • Wolf-Man
  • Ghost


  1. The Last Recruit
  2. Morphing Time
  3. Calling the Angels
  4. Midnight
  5. Sabotage
  6. Toxicites
  7. Sparring
  8. Ghosts of the Angels
  9. Invasion
  10. White Light
  11. A Call Upstairs
  12. Backstories
  13. Separation
  14. A Nasty Turn of Events
  15. Recovery
  16. Final Test
  17. Better and Worse
  18. Possession
  19. Closure


  • The Monster formula was originally much more complicated than the final decision. It was the blood of several canon monsters (Zen-Aku, Necrolai, Imperious, Sculpin and Morticon or some less famous monsters) which transformed and healed the Rangers. Thanks to a drug Marco added, they also hallucinated they were turning into monsters whenever the drug was taken away, so he also threatened to let them turn into monsters if they wouldn't work for him.
  • In an original draft of the story, Jacob would have finally turned good to protect his father, who showed up during a battle, and Heather would have taken that as a personal betrayal and attacked him. At various points, the climax involved Layla turning good, an evil twelve-year-old clone of Elandra turning good, the Hexagram getting ripped off its base and dumped on land, Marco surviving, Jacob dying to stop Ivan Ooze instead of Heather, or Jacob getting smothered to death by Ivan in the tunnel.
  • The woman Jacob saved in the first chapter is named after Jackie and Pete Tyler of Doctor Who.

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Sentai Kaibutsu Raikōger - the Sentai counterpart

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