Power Rangers: Mesozoic Giants is a fanfiction by Michelle the Editor, begun in fall of 2011, concluded in summer of 2012, though its events were set in the year 2010. Its title and theme are taken from a challenge by WolfsbaneX on the Original Ranger Teams Forum, and the Rangers were submitted by various fanfiction writers.  Its Sentai counterpart is Kyōryū Kyojin Kuro-nger.


A group of teenagers who think they're the children of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers discover that not all is as it seems in their fight against space pirates.



Designation Name Creator
Allosaurus Kev Lee Scott Pink Lightspeed Ranger
Kronosaurus Danielle Cranston TealCrystalCAT
Ankylosaurus Tawny DeSantos Musical Astronomy
Quetzalcoatlus Kayla Cranston Michelle the Editor
Stegosaurus Tori Park Kanna-chan94
Elasmosaurus Mary Oliver keybladeaureaofpie
Styracosaurus Belle DeSantos Rye Lee
Carnotaurus Dwayne Taylor WolfsbaneX
Supersaurus Jack Snow gardien1204




  • Rivetblast
  • Flashpowder
  • Skeleknight
  • Shadowsect
  • Needleback
  • Gasblaster
  • Cephalomorph
  • Spiderguard
  • Norspike
  • Statick
  • Mantisthorn
  • Craboid
  • Slickster
  • Razorblade
  • Frostbite
  • Carrion
  • Venomiss
  • Grenadier


Transformation Devices

  • Mesomorphers
  • Dragon Mode


  • MesoBlasters
  • MesoCannon
  • MesoWeapons
    • AlloSword
    • Kronoaxe
    • AnkyloClub
    • QuetzalBow
    • StegaBolt
    • ElasmoWhip
    • StyracoShield
    • CarnoDaggers
    • Superstaff


Legend:◆ pilot Zord, ✶ team-piloted Zord, ❖ aux Zord, ➲ carrier Zord

  • MesoMegaZord ✶
    • AlloZord
    • KronoZord
    • AnkyloZord
    • QuetzalZord
    • StegaZord
    • ElasmoZord
    • StyracoZord
    • CarnoZord
    • SuperZord


  1. Mesozoic Mission, Part 1
  2. Mesozoic Mission, Part 2
  3. Summer Snapshot
  4. Seeing Red
  5. Darkened Mirror
  6. Terror at 5,000 Feet
  7. New Faces
  8. Missing Pieces
  9. Statue-Still
  10. Stranger Among Us
  11. Strings are Showing
  12. Moment of Truth
  13. Into Hiding
  14. Camouflage
  15. Seeds of Rebellion
  16. Power of Pink
  17. Covert Operations
  18. Diving Deep
  19. The Cleansing of Northside
  20. Out of Time
  21. Small Victories
  22. Breathing Room
  23. Fire Over Northside
  24. Tiffany's Flight
  25. The Other Twin
  26. No Going Back
  27. Hail to the Queen
  28. Battle of the Giants
  29. Close of the Mesozoic Era

See Also

Kyōryū Kyojin Kuro-nger - the Sentai counterpart

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