Power Rangers: Rumor Legion is a future fanfiction by Michelle the Editor and Aaron Thall, set in 2005 on the planet Mirinoi. Its title and mythological theme were taken from a challenge by WolfsbaneX on the Original Ranger Teams Forum, and it will be the first of that author's stories set on another planet. Its Sentai counterpart is Tsutegoto Rikugun Jinketsuger.


A flood of ancient monsters are released from Pandora's Box on the planet Mirinoi. A new team will take up the powers of various mythical and historical heroes to save it with the guidance of the Galaxy Rangers.



Color Name
Carmine Yora of Mirinoi
Amber Shiori Yamada
Chartreuse Isabel Jackson
Indigo Blaze of Karmain
Pearl Jean-Paul Girard


  • Past Warriors
    • Beowulf
    • Achilles
    • Coyote
    • Anansi
    • Wong Fei-Hung
  • Oz Salvador
  • Reya Hidalgo
  • Former Galaxy Rangers
    • Leo
    • Kendrix
    • Damon
    • Kai
    • Maya
    • Mike



  • Adero
  • Tengu


  • Rumor Blades
    • Vikaxe
    • Centurishield
    • Geronarrow
    • Tribo
    • Shunai
  • Spirit Speeders
    • Amber Armament


  • Warrior Megazord
    • Vikingzord
    • Centurizord
    • Geronizord
    • Tribalzord
    • Shinobizord


  1. The Legend Begins, Part 1
  2. The Legend Begins, Part 2
  3. The Beast Within
  4. Bending Over Backwards
  5. The Ride of Valkyrie
  6. LARPing in the Park With Maahes
  7. Swine Before Pearls
  8. Burn Out
  9. Cakewalk
  10. The Role Play's the Thing
  11. Center Ring Yourself
  12. Everything to Fear
  13. Reya Hope
  14. You're Only as Old as You Feel
  15. The Wizardry of Oz
  16. Riddled by the Minotaur
  17. Maahes Maahes
  18. Tengu Very Much
  19. Gulon for Punishment
  20. Spiritual Enlightenment
  21. Overly Possessive
  22. Yora Jerk!
  23. The Glitch 'Sitch
  24. Bend it Like Basilisk
  25. Plagued by Evil
  26. Unsealed Courage
  27. Forgiveness is Divine
  28. Blaze's Glory
  29. Together Alone
  30. Stone Cold
  31. Constant Change
  32. Roc Like an Egyptian
  33. Half-Terlife
  34. The Song of Siren
  35. The Not-So-Wonderful World of Oz, Part 1
  36. The Not-So-Wonderful World of Oz, Part 2
  37. The Broken Rule
  38. The Hunters and the Hunted
  39. Legends Never End, Part 1
  40. Legends Never End, Part 2


  • David Trueheart would have been on this team, but considering his age by 2005 and the fact that the Red Neo Zeo Ranger, also named David, was boring, the decision was made to transfer him to Power Rangers: Neo Zeo and use an original character for Beowulf's Ranger.
  • Blaze evolved from a character named Castor Pallas, who was originally submitted to two different OC teams, but rejected.
  • The first draft of this series was Michelle's NaNoWriMo project for 2012.
  • Shiori and Jean-Paul's personalities are loosely based on Tony Tony Chopper and Sanji from One Piece.

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