Power Rangers: Shattered Hourglass is a fanfiction series by Michelle the Editor. The original version, Power Rangers: Toppled Hourglass, began in fall of 2011. The first revised version started in spring of 2012 and finished in August, and the second officially began in April 2013. Its original title and theme of time travel were taken from a challenge by WolfsbaneX on the Original Ranger Teams forum on The series is being revised once more in 2017, although the original story has been reuploaded.


A parasitic race called the Akra has invaded reality, manipulating, infiltrating and possessing Power Rangers across the timeline. The only force equipped to fight them has just been defeated, their members scattered through time and space. Now, only a few misfits with morphers stand between them and total victory.



Color Name
Blue Zai of Triforia Garfield Brooks
Green Una Wallace Zanna Mitchell
Yellow Isinia Cruger




  • To be added


  • Gyro Morphers
  • Hourglass Revolvers
  • Portal Pointers
  • Pocket Dimensions
  • Neural Net


  1. Time Fractures, Part 1
  2. Time Fractures, Part 2


  • Each chapter is dated between two episodes' original broadcast dates, so it's set in a very specific moment of the series' timeline.
  • The new title, Shattered Hourglass, originates from a mix-up by author Aaron Thall in his "Next Time" segment anticipating the crossover between this story and Power Rangers Cyber V. That mix-up, in turn, came about because Aaron had been spending too much time researching BotCon exclusive Transformers and had Shattered Glass on the brain.
  • The morphers allow the Rangers to use any shade within their color type in order to avoid "overlapping" with existing Ranger energy.

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