Power Rangers: Toppled Hourglass is a fanfiction series by Michelle the Editor. The very first version of the fic began in fall of 2011, while the current revised version started in spring of 2012 and finished in August. Its title and theme of time travel were taken from a challenge by WolfsbaneX on the Original Ranger Teams forum on

The original, completed draft of the series was reuploaded in 2017 to accompany its companion story, Power Rangers: Mesozoic Giants.


Akra--Mary Sues--are attacking, possessing and controlling the Power Rangers in every incarnation, and only a few misfits with morphers stand in their way.



Color Name
Cerulean Zai of Triforia Garfield Brooks
Viridian Wulfric of Mercuria Xanthe of Aquitar
Russet Isinia Cruger (TH)
Slate Urisus of Aquitar
Amaranth Detra Heusa




  • Alicia Wilson - submitted by Rye Lee
  • Rick Anthony Jacobs - Rye Lee
  • Jorge (De Pareja) - WolfsbaneX
  • Tao - WolfsbaneX
  • Gerard Alucard Dracula Angel Spike Way - MaxieLovett
  • Dani - WolfsbaneX
  • Curtis - Rye Lee
  • Angela Fairweather - Rye Lee
  • Kodi - WolfsbaneX
  • Klaw - WolfsbaneX
  • Detra Heusa
  • Charlotte
  • Adelle Ferguson - Rye Lee
  • Kaylie
  • Vladimir (Ulrich) - WolfsbaneX
  • Stefanee (Wong) - WolfsbaneX
  • Vannessa - WolfsbaneX
  • Drian of Eltar
  • Lynnda - WolfsbaneX
  • Mike Gilbert - Rye Lee
  • Aly Richardson - Rye Lee
  • Destiny - StarWriter0303


The Hourglass Rangers do not have their own Zords; when necessary, they use those of the Rangers they impersonate.

  • Gyro Morphers
  • Power Weapons
    • Punjab Lasso
    • Neural Net
    • Brass Knuckles
    • Electro Javelin
    • Wristguns
  • Hourglass Revolvers
  • Portal Pointers
  • Containment Jars
  • Pocket Dimensions


  1. Somewhere in Time and Space
  2. Corinth City, May 8th, 2000's
  3. Blue Bay Harbor, August 29th, 2003
  4. San Angeles, June 8th, 2007
  5. Edenoi, June 15th, 2011
  6. Briarwood, April 10th, 2006
  7. Silver Hills, June 20th, 2001
  8. Angel Grove, November 10th, 1993
  9. Mariner Bay, March 13th, 2000
  10. Five Hills, 6:00 AM, 2000's
  11. Ocean Bluff, August 23, 2008
  12. Muiranthias, January 20th, 2033
  13. Reefside, October 15th, 2004
  14. Angel Grove, October 12th, 1998
  15. The Hexagram, June 9th, 2011
  16. Delta Base, March 28th, 2025
  17. Panorama City, March 22nd, 2011
  18. Terra Venture, February 15th, 1999
  19. Angel Grove, September 15th, 1997
  20. Turtle Cove, May 13th, 2002
  21. Mako Island, December 30th, 2007
  22. Angel Grove, September 21st, 1995
  23. Northside, July 14th, 2010
  24. Same Place, Same Date
  25. Hours Later
  26. The Silverstar, July 15th
  27. Residential District, July 16th
  28. Telepathic Ping-Pong
  29. 8:43 pm, July 17th
  30. The Akra Station, July 17th
  31. Across Time and Space
  32. Florida, November 19, 1996


  • This was Michelle the Editor's first team without Zords. When necessary, the Rangers simply used the Zords of the people they were impersonating.
  • Each chapter is dated between two episodes' original broadcast dates, so it's set in a very specific moment of the series' timeline.
  • One of the Akra, Gerard, possessed a ridiculously lengthy name which included the following vampiric references: Alucard is the protagonist of the Hellsing anime; Dracula needs no introduction; Angel and Spike are both Buffy vampires—Angel was cursed with a soul, and Spike varied wildly in his good-evil orientation throughout the series. The surname "Way" may be a reference to Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way, one of the most famous Mary Sues of modern fanfiction, but this has yet to be confirmed.
  • A previous version of this story had Waspicable being thrown through time by a converted Lord Zedd to fight Mary Sue characters, as his monstrous form repelled them.
  • Wulfric of Mercuria was the original mentor of the team, who was killed in single combat by the Akra Queen.
  • Isinia was one of three main candidates intended to replace Wulfric in the original draft. The others were Vella of Mercuria, Tyzonn's fiancée, and Silvy Larsen, the little girl who activated Andros's morpher.
  • In the first rewrite, the decision was made to give all of the Rangers non-lethal weapons, since their goal is capture and restraint, not destruction.

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