Power Rangers Blitz

Power Rangers Blitz

LOCATION: Angel Grove


There is an unknown power hidden inside the human body if you train as hard as you can the power revealed will be unlimited, can the Rangers fight Zebraxus and save the world from his tyranny or will Zebraxus conquer the earth with the mightiest power of all the Aura Crystal can the rangers get the Aura Crystals first and defeat Zebraxus once and for all

Black Ranger - Leader @BlackBlitzPR

Black Ranger - River Morris
Black Blitz
Morpher - Blitz Morpher

Blaster - Blitz Magnum

Weapon - Blitz Rod

Vehicle - Blitz Cycle

Zord - Blitz DrillZord

Ability - Can Sense Inxoming Attacks By Mind Reading

Pink Ranger - @PinkBlitzPR

Pink Ranger - Lili Hart
Pink Blitz
Morpher - Blitz Morpher

Blaster - Blitz Magnum

Weapon - Blitz Ribbon

Vehicle - Blitz Cycle

Zord - Blitz HelicopterZord

Ability - can be able to heal herself and her team with Self Healing

Yellow Ranger - @YellowBlitzPR

Yellow Blitz

Yellow Ranger - Camila Kwan

Morpher - Blitz Morpher

Blaster - Blitz Magnum

Weapon - Blitz YoYo

Vehicle - Blitz Cycle

Zord - Blitz JetZord

Ability - Can Create Solid Clones

Blue Ranger @BlueBlitzPR

Blue Ranger - CeeJay /CC Cranston
Blue Blitz

Morpher - Blitz Morpher

Blaster - Blitz Magnum

Weapon - Blitz Tonfa

Vehicle - Blitz Cycle

Zord - Blitz TankZord

Ability - Controling Time And Space

Red Ranger @RedBlitzPR

Red Ranger - Jamie Scott

Morpher - Blitz Morpher

Blaster - Blitz Magnum
Red Blitz

Weapon - Blitz Zord

Vehicle - Blitz Cruiser

Zord - Blitz Dragon Zord

Ability - Controls The Forces Of Nature

The Rangers Biography's / Backgrounds

River Morris

River Morris is a nice guy but can be an eccentric meat head when it comes to the team he prefers to do things his own way he is the Black Blitz Ranger and with the rangers he can work alone but prefers the aid of his Friends and cousin to the Black mighty morphin ranger Zack Taylor though River has a special power that concerns his own well being he can read the thoughts of others but needs help controlling it and can be very stubborn at times and the jock full of himself tyoes at times aswell he loves to write music in his spare time when he isnt hanging with his friends.

Lili Hart

Lili is the sister of the mighty morphin pink ranger Kimberly Hart the two are normal sisters but Lili had thoughts of wanting to become a rock sensation popstar or something but her sister almost takes everything from her like her toys when growing up the two never got along as kids once but grew apart when growing up the two still love each other as family because their sisters the two still get along but the sisters still love each other Lili is the Pink Blitz Ranger of the team she has powers of self-healing she can even heal others when their in a pinch, her night job is club singer.

Camila Kwan

Camila Kwan senior in high school a typical nice girl and quite smart and cute in a way River is quite fond of Hope the two have been friends for  a while or even closer the two always stood up for each other in school and possibly has a crush on River she is the sister of the legendary ranger Ronnie Robinson the Yellow Operation Overdrive Ranger sometimes the sisters may get into arguments but was jealous of her sister Ronnie being a Power Ranger then soon becomes one herself as the Yellow Blitz Ranger she can also be jealous around him just because he doesn't know sh e loves him

CeeJay Cranston

CeeJay Or CC is the brother of Billy Cranston The Blue Mighty Morphin Ranger even though Billy is smart CeeJay is also smart as well though the two may or may not get along but they are brothers even though CeeJay gets jealous of his brother he to likes to build things and wants to be like his brother Billy Cranston his night job is helping his friends improve their morphers better to be stronger.

Jamie Scott

Jamie Scott is the brother of the famous rugby player Jason Scott even though Jason likes sports Jamie thinks of sports as well like football basketball or soccer given time Jason has done football camps as he is the Mighty Morohin Red Ranger in secret little does Jason know that his brother Jamie is now a power ranger and ued to love playing Riugby as a kid but their dad had bigger plans for Jason after his little brother left home to do his own things like traveling the world until all that came to an end when he met team keader along with his other three friends and all came across the morphers together after River, Lili and . found theirs

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