Power Rangers Blitz

LOCATION: Angel Grove

All 6 Maskmen


Five normal teenager's from different parts of Angel Grove must learn to trust in each other as they journey on to find the crystals and defeat Zebraxus and his band of monsters to protect the earth but first they must learn to control their abilitys and work as a team and stop Zebraxus from conqourig the earth.


There is an unknown power hidden inside the human body if you train as hard as you can the power revealed will be unlimited, can the Rangers fight Zebraxus and save the world from his band of theives or will Zebraxus conquer the earth with the mightiest power of all the Aura Crystals can the rangers get the Aura Crystals first and defeat Zebraxus once and for all

Black Ranger - Leader @BlackBlitzPR

Name - River Morris


Age - 17

DOB - March 7th 2000

Ranger Color - Black

Morpher - Blitz Morpher

Blaster - Blitz Magnum

Weapon - Blitz Rod

Vehicle - Blitz Cycle

Zord - Blitz DrillZord

Ability - Can Sense Incoming Attacks By Mind Reading

Pink Ranger - @PinkBlitzPR

Name - Lili Hart

Maskman Pink cockpit-vert

Age - 18

DOB - February 14th 1999

Ranger Color - Pink

Morpher - Blitz Morpher

Blaster - Blitz Magnum

Weapon - Blitz Ribbon

Vehicle - Blitz Cycle

Zord - Blitz HelicopterZord

Ability - Is able to heal herself and her team with self healing

Yellow Ranger - @YellowBlitzPR

Name - Camila Kwan


Age - 17

DOB - July 5th 2000

Ranger Color - Yellow

Morpher - Blitz Morpher

Blaster - Blitz Magnum

Weapon - Blitz YoYo

Vehicle - Blitz Cycle

Zord - Blitz JetZord

Ability - Can Create Solid Clones

Blue Ranger @BlueBlitzPR

Name - CeeJay /CC Cranston

Screen Shot 2016 05 06 at 9 22 34 pm-vert

Age - 16

DoB - August 17th 2001

Ranger Colour - Blue

Morpher - Blitz Morpher

Blaster - Blitz Magnum

Weapon - Blitz Tonfa

Vehicle - Blitz Cycle

Zord - Blitz TankZord

Ability - Controling Time And Space

Red Ranger @RedBlitzPR

Name - Jamie Scott

2522137 orig-vert

Age - 19

DOB - October 31st 1998

Ranger Colour - Red

Morpher - Blitz Morpher

Blaster - Blitz Magnum

Weapon - Blitz Zord

Vehicle - Blitz Cruiser

Zord - Blitz Dragon Zord

Ability - Controls The Forces of Nature.

Green Ranger @GreenBlitzPR

Name - Blake Oliver


Age - 20

DOB - December 23rd 1997

Ranger Color - Green

Morpher - Blitz Morpher

Blaster - Blitz Shark

Weapon - Shark Spear

Vehicle - Blitz Cycle

Zord - SharkZord

Ability - Can Shape Shift into any living thing or object.

The Rangers Biography's / Backgrounds

River Morris

River Morris is a nice guy but can be an eccentric meat head when it comes to the team he prefers to do things his own way. He is the Black Blitz Ranger unlike the rangers he can work alone but prefers the aid of his Friends and is different to his cousin who is Black mighty Morphin ranger Zack Taylor. Though River has a special power that concerns his own well being he can read the thoughts of others but needs help controlling it and can be very stubborn and self centred at times especially when it comes too asking for help and he is a jock and can full of himself at times as well. he loves to write music in his spare time when he isn't hanging with his friends or fighting evil. River became stuborn and self centred when he lost parents at age 5 and it progressed into his teens.

Lili Hart

Lili is the sister of the mighty morphin pink ranger Kimberly Hart the two are normal sisters who would always challenge each other to see who was the better sibling at gymnastic and dance but Lili also had thoughts of wanting to become a cheerleader at her school but her sister always took everything from her like her toys and favourite clothes when growing up the two never got along as kids and grew apart when growing up the two still love each other as family because their sisters. The two still get along but at times the sibling rivalry gets in the way but the sisters still love each other. Lili is the Pink Blitz Ranger of the team she has powers of self-healing she can even heal others when their in a pinch,

Camila Kwan

Camila Kwan is senior in high school she is typical nice girl and quite smart and cute in a way River is quite fond of Camila the two have been friends since Camila joined the school the more they hang out they got even closer. The two always stand up for each other in school and she possibly has a crush on River. she is the sister of the legendary ranger Trini Kwan the Yellow Mighty Morphin Power Ranger sometimes the sisters get into arguments and Camila soon became jealous of her sister Trini becoming a Power Ranger but soon became one herself as the Yellow Blitz Ranger but she can be very jealous of River when it comes to him noticing other girls and not her because he doesn't know she loves him.

CeeJay Cranston

CeeJay Or CC is the half brother of Billy Cranston The Blue Mighty Morphin Ranger even though Billy is smart CeeJay is also just as smart as well though the two may or may not get along but they are brothers even though CeeJay gets jealous of his brother's popularity and inventions. He to likes to build things and wants to be like his brother Billy. He enjoys helping his friends improve their morphers and weapons to be better and stronger, His childhood best friend is River they met after River's parents died and they grew an instant bond which grows even more stronger as they grow up.

Jamie Scott

Jamie Scott is the brother of the famous rugby player Jason Scott even though Jason likes sports Jamie thinks of sports as well like football basketball or baseball given time his brother Jason had done football camps as a child who is the Mighty Morphin Red Ranger in secret little does Jason know that his brother Jamie is now a Power Ranger and he used to love playing Rugby as a kid with his brother but that all changed when their dad had bigger plans for Jason after that Jamie left home to do his own things like travelling the world until all that came to an end when he met the team leader River and the 3 other members and all came across the morphers together after River, Lili and Camila found theirs

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