1. Plot
  2. The Rangers
  3. T-Rex Silver Ranger
  4. Mammoth Crimson Ranger
  5. Triceratops Blue Ranger
  6. RPM Pink Ranger
  7. Super Megaforce Yellow
  8. Villains
  9. Episodes & Titles To Be Added
  10. Notes


Three R.P.M Rangers the Mammoth Ranger, T-Rex Ranger and Triceratops Ranger are three young individuals who seek out a power signature coming from somewhere outside of Corinth, it was a distress call coming from an abandoned warehouse district in which they later discover and ancient burial ground of the Paleozord they get bestowed great power to use for good there is Mason the T-Rex Ranger, Ricky the Mammoth Ranger and James the Triceratops Ranger. 2 New Rangers join them Pink RPM and Yellow Super Megaforce, they take on evil villains and anyone that destroys there home.

The Rangers 

T-Rex Silver Ranger 

T-Rex Ranger

Name:Joseph Johnson as Mason Carter

Gear:Rail Shift Morpher, Engine Cell 11

Weapons:Nitro Sword, Nitro Blaster

Signature Weapon:Dual Rex Blasters

Vehicle:T-Rex Cycle

Zord:T-Rex RailZord

Ranger:T-Rex Silver Ranger

Mammoth Crimson Ranger 

Mammoth Ranger

Name:Ricky Davis

Gear:Rail Shift Morpher, Engine Cell 10

Weapons:Nitro Sword, Nitro Blaster

Signature Weapon:Mammoth Rail Slicer

Vehicle:Mammoth Cycle

Zord:Mammoth RailZord

Ranger:Mammoth Crimson Ranger

Triceratops Blue Ranger

Triceratops Ranger

Name:James Clark

Gear:Rail Shift Morpher, Engine Cell 12

Weapons:Nitro Sword, Nitro Blaster

Signature Weapon:Triceratops Rail Trident

Vehicle:Triceratops Cycle

Zord:Triceratops RailZord

Ranger:Triceratops Blue Ranger

RPM Pink Ranger


Name:Dawn Latsch as Serena DiLaurentis

Ranger Destination:Pink RPM Ranegr

Weapons:Nitro Blaster, Zip Charger

Gear:Cell Shift Morpher

Vehicle:Pink T-Rex Cycle

Zord:Bear Crawler


Super Megaforce Yellow Ranger


Name:Melissa 'Milli' Latsch as Gia Moran

Ranger Designation: Super Megaforce Yellow Ranger

Morphers: Legendary Morpher

Weapons: Super Mega Blaster, Super Mega Saber

Zords: Super Mega Wheeler Zord



Chris Wright as Master Wright

Elizabeth Edgar as Rita Edgar

Episodes & Titles To Be Added 

Episode 1-A New Team

Episdoe 2-Training Day

Episode 3-Fighting Evil

Episode 4-Help Arrives

Episdoe 5-Getting Gear, Vehicles,

New Weapons and Zords

Episode 6-Happily Ever After


Joseph Johnson is smart, adventurous and loves to help make things for each of the rangers and has a training facilty outside Corinth, he loves Dawn so much and is happy to have her fight by his side again the forces of evil and hopes to destroy them for good.

Dawn Latsch is caring, loving, outgoing, loves her friends and sister and is glad she's helping them out especially her new ranger team, and hopes they accept her, she hopes Joey will eventually ask her to marry him and she's glad to fight by his side against evil.

Milli Latsch is super Megaforce Ranger, she and Dawn are helping the RPM Rangers and is glad to have them as a team and friends, she has a crush on Ricky and hopes that he returns his feelings so they can be together forever.

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