Power Rangers Element Collision is a team that was created by the RangerVision member Orangefalcon, adapted from Dengeki Sentai Changeman, for the fanfic written by DigiRanger, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Megaforce.


After the defeat of the Samarians at the hands of Cyber Force, the seven planets under alliance dismantled the team and the 5 warriors left to their respective planets. But under the possibility that a more resourceful planet could be targeted; the magicians of Liaria created powers with elements and sent them to Eltar for safekeeping. The need for the usage of these powers came out immediately when the Samarian chief warrior Xeldor arrived with stronger warriors called Xelos and targeted Earth. Dalma of Eltar, a former ranger was sent to Earth with the Element Morphers, but due to combat from the Xelos lost them while delivering them to a safe place.

The morphers were scattered and the Element spirits kept them safe. Dalma was forced to retreat and the Cyber Force rangers united again to find the morphers while the Ninjetti kept guard against the intruders. The morphers were ultimately found to be scattered in 3 places on earth and Erikos retrieved them.

The powers were given to a powerful spell caster Malda and she was positioned on earth. However when the prospect of creating zords was discussed on Eltar, the elders found that due to the fact that the 5 jewels were on earth together in 3 places, the black and white fused and the blue and pink fused, making it impossible to venture beyond the combined element spirit to create extra zords. Hence three zords were sent to earth to Malda.

When the Ninjetti and Cyber Force retreated, Xeldor and the Xelos invaded earth seeking the resources and Malda gave the powers to 5 young people to become Power Rangers Element Collision.



Ranger Designation Name V1 Accept/Deny Name V2 Accept/Deny
Red Dragon Ranger Alex Summers (+) Alex Summers (+)
Black Griffin  Ranger Jacob Menning (+) Jacob Menning (+)
Blue Pegasus Ranger Joshua Smith (+) Joshua Smith (+)
Pink Phoenix  Ranger Karen Clayton (+) Karen Clayton (+)
White Mermaid Ranger Sin Akuma (+) Sin Akuma (+)



  • Xeldor
  • Xelos



  • Element Morphers


  • Element Shield
  • Element Saber

Individual Weapons and Team Cannon

  • Element Cannon
    • Fire Launcher
    • Thunder Hammer
    • Snow Shooter
    • Rain Catcher
    • Wind Blower


  • Element Riders
  • Element Water Scooters
  • Element Rover


  • Element Shuttle ➲
  • Penta Element Megazord
    • Element Zord 1
    • Element Zord 2
    • Element Zord 3



  • After the initial posting of August 2007, much information was lost in a board crash. In an attempt to restore what had vanished, contributers were asked to repost the teams that they had helped create. Element Collision was one of the few that had turned out exactly as it had been before.