1.Power Rangers Extended Super Samurai Legendary Battle



3.Black Ranger

4.Gold Ranger

5.S.P.D. Blue Ranger

6.Red Samurai Ranger

7.Dino Charge Pink Ranger

8.Yellow Samurai Ranger

9.Megaforce, Super Megaforce Yellow Ranger

10.Episodes & Titles To Be Added


Power Rangers Extended Super Samurai Legendary Battle


As the Megaforce Rangers regroup, several Legendary Rangers - including Tommy Oliver, Cassie Chan, T.J. Johnson, Leo Corbett, Carter Grayson, and Dana Mitchell - are seen throughout the city helping citizens out of dangerous situations. As the citizens prepare for the Armada's attack at dawn, other Legendary Rangers - including Damon Henderson, Karone, and Wesley Collins - are seen amongst the crowds as well. Despite being vastly outnumbered, the six Rangers are determined to fight, and then receive one final surprise: the Legendary Rangers all appear to aid them in this final confrontation. The Megaforce Rangers gladly welcome their new allies, and refrain from going into Super Megaforce mode due to their confidence about the outcome of the battle. After a furious struggle, all the robots are defeated, and the veteran Rangers-led by Tommy-bid farewell to the Megaforce, assuring them that the older Rangers will always be with them. With that, the Legendary Rangers disperse, and the Megaforce Rangers decide to celebrate their victory, with Troy leaving his sword behind at the site of the final battle.

Black Ranger


Black Ranger - Zack Taylor

Ranger Designation: Black Power Ranger

Weapons: Power Axe, Blade Blaster

Gear: Wrist Communicator, Power Morpher with Power Coin

Zords: Mastodon Dinozord, Lion Thunderzord


Gold Ranger

Gold Ranger - Jason Lee Scott

Ranger Designation: Gold Zeo Ranger

Weapons: Golden Power Staff

Gear: Wrist Communicator, Golden Shield

Zords: Pyramidas, Warrior Wheel


S.P.D. Blue Ranger

S.P.D. Blue Ranger - Bridge Carson

Ranger Designation: Blue S.P.D. Ranger

Genetic Power: Able to track evil through psychic senses

Special Skill: Master Mechanic

Weapons: Deltamax Striker, Delta Enforcer

Gear: Delta Morpher, Patrol Cycle

Zords: Delta Runner 2, S.W.A.T. Flyer 2

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Red Samurai Ranger

Red Samurai Ranger - Lauren Shiba

Ranger Designation: Red Ranger

Weapons: Spin Sword, Fire Smasher

Gear: Shodophone

Zord: Lion Folding Zord


Dino Charge Pink Ranger

Dino Charge Pink Ranger - Shelby Watkins

Ranger Designation: Pink Dino Charge Ranger

Gear: Dino Charge Morpher, Pink Energem, Dino Chargers, Dino Cycle

Weapons: Dino Saber, Tricera Drill

Zords: Tricera Zord, Ankylo Zord


Yellow Samurai Ranger

Yellow Samurai Ranger - Emily

Ranger Designation: Samurai Yellow Ranger

Weapons: Spin Sword, Earth Slicer

Gear: Samuraizer

Zord: Ape Folding Zord

Images 2

Megaforce, Super Megaforce Yellow Ranger

Megaforce, Super Megaforce Yellow Ranger - Gia Moran

Ranger Designation: Megaforce Yellow Ranger, Super Megaforce Yellow Ranger,

Morphers: Gosei Morpher, Legendary Morpher

Weapons: Power Ranger Blaster, Tiger Claw, Super Mega Blaster, Super Mega Saber

Zords: Gosei Tiger Mechazord, Super Mega Wheeler Zord

Episodes & Titles To Be Added

Episode 1-

Episode 2-

Episode 3-

Episode 4-

Episode 5-

Episode 6-


Zack relies on speed and cunning to win his battles. He cares for his friends and always tried to cheer them up when they're feeling down. To Zack went the Mastodon Power Coin, giving him the power of the Mastodon, and control of the Mastodon Dinozord. Black Ranger's power weapon is the Power Axe, which doubles as a powerful cannon. His weapon combined with the others to form the Power Blaster. As Black Ranger, Zack gained enhanced strength, speed, and durability.

That someone else was Jason, the original Red Ranger, back with the team, and back to action. Jason returned to action years later as the Red Ranger, joining forces with 9 other Red Rangers on a mission to the moon, to prevent the Machine Empire from using Serpentera to destroy Earth.

Bridge might appear slow at times, but he is a computer genious, a master mechanic, and much more. He might be gullible, but also has a heart of gold. People underestimate Bridge, but he always manages to come through with his quick thinking. Bridge endures S.W.A.T. training on Zantour with the others to achieve S.W.A.T. Mode. Bridge is promoted to Blue Ranger.

Lauren tried to seal Xandred in with the Sealing Symbol but failed because he was shielded with Dayu's human side. She was harmed and couldn't battle so she relayed her leadership back to Jayden. Jayden planned to destroy Xandred and not seal him and Lauren gave him a Power Disc made of her Symbol Power. Unfortunately Xandred destroyed it. Lauren made another disc that ultimately unlocked Shogun Mode outside of the Megazord for Jayden to use to defeat Xandred. After the Nighlok were defeated, Lauren bided farewell to her brother and returned home.

Shelby goes on a dig with the other Rangers for the remaining Energems but she comes up with a new idea in finding them. After some convincing, she and Kendall work on the E-Tracker to find the Energems and end up discovering the Ankylozord. The Ankylozord was under the control of one of Sledge's monsters, it attacked the Rangers but after accidently falling in a hole next to it, Shelby was able to sway it to their side.

Emily was not meant to be a Ranger, taking the place for her sick sister. She is a country girl who grew up on a farm. Emily had been down on herself since she was little girl, believing she was good for nothing. During Christmas, Emily recounted all the events in her life since she became a Power Ranger to her sister in a letter. Emily went to help and was able to defeat the monster with her newfound confidence. When the team defeated the Nighlok, Emily went back home to take care of her sister along with Mike.

Gia has been close personal friends with Emma ever since they were younger. She is confident and powerful martial arts fighter. Her constant success can be frustrating to her teammates. She has land-based powers. With the Legendary Morpher, Gia can become Yellow Rangers of the future, past, planets or dimensions. She seems to have a kinship with the Turbo Falcon they found on Cornith from another dimension.

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