Blitz Rangers Red Black Blue Yellow and Pink meet up with previous ranger teams Megaforce, Samurai, and Operation Overdrive rangers and so on they are Derek McKnight the Red Blitz Ranger, River Morris the Black Blitz Ranger, Alec Carver the Blue Blitz Ranger, Hope Robinson the Yellow Blitz Ranger, and Penelope Goodall the Pink Blitz Ranger and they team up with their family members to stop an all powerful villain as he ressurects their villains back to the living to exact their revenge on the world and he ressurects back Emperors of Destruction and to stop them is the rangers they must save the world from this threat and defeat him once and for all

The Rangers

Red Blitz Ranger - Derek McKnight

Black Blitz Ranger - River Morris

Blue Blitz Ranger - Alec Carver

Yellow Blitz Ranger - Hope Robinson

Pink Blitz Ranger - Penelope Chan

Other Rangers

Red Dino Thunder Ranger - Connor McKnight

Mighty Morphin Black Ranger - Zach Taylor

Megaforce Blue Ranger - Noah Carver

Yellow Overdrive Ranger - Ronnie Robinson

Pink Space Ranger - Cassie Chan

Zords Used

Blitz Fighter Zord - Pilot Derek and utilized by Connor

Blitz Drill Zord - Pilot River and utilized by Zach

Blitz Tank Zord - Pilot Alec and utilized by Noah

Blitz Jet Zord - Pilot Hope and utilized by Ronnie

Blitz Helicopter Zord - Pilot Penelope and utilized by Cassie

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