1. Power Rangers Fusion Force
  2. Plot
  3. Red Time Force Ranger
  4. Blue Mystic Force Ranger
  5. Black Space Ranger
  6. Purple Dino Charge Ranger
  7. Dino T-Rex RPM
  8. Pink RPM Ranger
  9. Allies
  10. Villains
  11. Episodes
  12. Notes

Power Rangers Fusion Force


6 Teens get powers from their mentor and ally, they are Auradon Prep students, they hide the powers from the rest of the school and fight when their school is under attack by evil villains that plan on taking over Auradon Prep.


Red Time Force Ranger

Red Ranger-Jayden Stewart

Ranger Destination-Red Time Force Ranger

Weapons-Chrono Saber, Chrono Blaster, V1, Electro Blaster

Gear-Chrono Morpher, Time Force Badge, Battle Warrior Armor

Vehicles-Strata Cycle, Red Vector Cycle

Zords-Time Flier 1


Blue Mystic Ranger

Blue Ranger-Evie Carson

Ranger Destination-Blue Mystic Ranger, Blue Mystic Legend Warrior

Mystic Power-The ability to control liquid in various forms.

Weapons-Magi Staff-Wand Mode, Mystic Lion Staff

Gear-Mystic Morpher

Vehicle-Mystic Racer

Zords-Mystic Mermaid, Mystic Lion

Black Space Ranger

Black Space Ranger

Black Ranger-Carlos De vil

Ranger Destination-Black Space Ranger

Weapons-Lunar Lance, Astro Blaster

Gear-Astro Morpher

Vehicle-Galaxy Glider

Zords-Mega V2


Purple Dino Thunder Ranger

Purple Dino Ranger-Mal Cameron

Ranger Destination-Dino Charge Purple Ranger

Weapons-Dino Saber

Gear-Dino Charge Morpher, Dino Com

Vehicle-Dino Cycle

Zords-Plesio Zord


Dino T-Rex RPM

Dino T-Rex Ranger-Joseph Johnson

Ranger Destination-Dino T-Rex Ranger

Weapons-Duel Rex Blasters

Gear-Cell Shift Morpher

Vehicle-T-Rex Cycle

Zord-T-RexRail Rescue


Pink RPM Ranger

Pink Ranger-Dawn Latsch

Ranger Destination-Pink RPM Ranegr

Weapons-Nitro Blaster, Zip Charger

Gear-Cell Shift Morpher

Vehicle-Pink T-Rex Cycle

Zord-Bear Crawler




Milli Moran-Melissa Latsch


Benjamin Hope-Mitchel Hope

Lonnie Dionne-Dianne Doan

Douglas Gibson-Zachary Gibson



Master Wright-Chris Wright

Rita Edgar-Elizabeth Edgar

Epsidoes & Titles To Be Added

Epsiode 1-The New Team

Episode 2-Getting Used To Powers

Episode 3-Fighting Evil

Episode 4-Getting New Weapons and Zords

Episode 5-Getting Gear and Vehicles

Episode 6-Saving Auradon Prep and the World


Milli Moran is the mentor and she helps the rangers when needed, she owns Milli's Juice Bar that is in Auradon Prep, she didn't want to be a ranger but she's still bad ass, she loves Carlos and hopes that he asks her out and she helps him with Dude.

Jay Stewart is a sneaky, confident, and handsome guy. Jay was raised to believe that he must get everything and to forget others as well. He's vengeful like Mal and he's athletic. He has a crush on Lonnie Dionne and hopes to ask her out.

Mal Cameron is the daughter of Maleficent, the worst of the Disney Villains. Mal was born and raised on the Isle of the Lost, along with her mother, best friends (Evie, Jay, and Carlos), and their parents, she loves Ben and knows that they will be happy together.

Carlos De vil is jumpy and anxious, but with the true skills of a tech prodigy. He’s been working feverishly on a project that would connect the Isle of the Lost to the outside world, he loves hanging with his friends and Dude, he has a crush Milli he loves how she's bad ass and helps him when needed.

Evie Carson is a girl who is smart, flirty, charming, and very kind in the long run. She is also very authoritative when she wants to be, also brave, sassy and a loyal friend, she is glad she got together with Doug since he does make her happy.

Joseph Johnson is smart, adventurous and loves to help make things for each of the rangers and has a training facilty outside Auradon Prep, he loves Dawn so much and is happy to have her fight by his side again the forces of evil and hopes to destroy them for good.

Dawn Latsch is caring, loving, outgoing, loves her friends and sister and is glad she's helping them out especially her new Auradon Prep friends, she loves Dude to and loves feeding him when Carlos is in class, she hopes Joey will eventually ask her to marry him and she's glad to fight by his side against evil.

Doug Gibson is a smart, sweet, yet socially awkward young man. He enjoys chemistry, saying it's almost like magic, also has a passion for music; is a member of his school's marching band, he likes Evie and knows that they will be happy together since he showed her that she can set her mind to anything.

Lonnie Doan is a girl who enjoys martial arts and hip-hop dancing, she loves being friends with Jayden, Mal, Carlos, Evie, Ben, Doug, Joseph, Dawn and Milli, she's crushing on Jay and hopes he asks her out since she knows he's a ranger as are his friends.

Ben Hope is tall and very handsome. He usually is wearing a uniform of some sort. Ben has light brown hair swept to his left. Ben also has adorable green eyes just like his girlfriend, Mal, who he helps her with her powers when she needs to and are very happy together.

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