Power Ranger Sweet Salvation is a sweet-themed series coming on December 2020.


"Long ago, sweets all over the world were created by King Caramel and Queen Cinnabon's magical sugar. Until the evil toothache lord, Lord Acher, decides to destroy all sweets of the human and sweets world by using his evil black sugar magic. Luckily, five teenagers form together to stop the licorie lord's evil sugar and save the sweets! They are the Power Rangers Sweet Salvation!"- Narrator

When sweets in both the human world and the sweets world are becoming bad by Lord Acher's evil black sugar monsters, five sweet-toothed teenagers must morph into sweets-type power rangers and defend all things candy coated and sugary sweet... while trying to keep their blood sugars low and their body weight thin!



  • Chocolate Red Ranger
  • Candy Pink Ranger
  • Cookie Yellow Ranger
  • Ice Cream Blue Ranger
  • Cake Green Ranger
  • Milkshake White Ranger


  • Macaron
  • Ici
  • Cupcake
  • King Caramel
  • Queen Cinnabon
  • Lolipup
  • Whippie


  • Lord Acher
  • Cavity
  • Toothache
  • Stomachwreck
  • Jabberjaws
  • Baddabreath
  • Flatcula


  • Chocolate Wolf Zord
  • Candy Leopard Zord
  • Cookie Fox Zord
  • Ice Cream Penguin Zord
  • Cake Ferret Zord
  • Milkshake Canary Zord
    • Sweet Salvation Megazord
    • Mint Mashup Megazord
    • Macaron Crush Megazord
    • Bubblegum Cannon Megazord
    • Licorice Lash Megazord
    • Gelato Guard Megazord
    • Custard Crusher Megazord
    • Whip Cream Whip Megazord
    • Vanilla Drill Megazord
    • Valentine Chocolat Blaster Megazord
    • Lolipop Lasso Megazord
    • Icing Icer Megazord
    • Cake Pop Popper Megazord
    • Sugar Shoot Megazord


Pop Em' Mega Candies: Magical candies with different flavors inside pocket small jars that transforms the teens into Rangers whenever they eat them.

Sweets Salvation Medals: Fourteen sweets-shaped medallions hidden inside sweets all over the world. They also have different powers that can help the Sweets Salvation Megazord transform into any kind of Sweets mode.

Sugar Swords: Sugar coated swords made with magical indestructible sugar for the rangers to use in battles

Sweets Galore Blasters: Magical icing guns that shoot out different colored icing, just like icing piping bags.

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