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Pyotr "Petya" Volkov
Yellow Fire Ranger
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 12 October 1427
Age: 578 (Chronologically)
18 (Developmentally)
Colors: Yellow
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Death's Door
Last Appearance: TBA
Number of Episode
Yellow Fire Ranger

Pyotr Volkov is the Yellow Fire Ranger of Elemental Demise.


Pyotr was born in 15th-century Russia, or therabouts. He was the son of a witch, and grew up studying all kinds of magic. He branched into dark arts to find the key to immortality. Several interested patrons, all with very dark reputations, who helped him in his research. After years of work, Pyotr finally created a cure to mortality. Unfortunately for him, rumors spread faster than the cure did, and a volunteer militia tracked him down, burning his workshop and library. He suspected that someone had betrayed his whereabouts but didn't have to investigate; he went inside to try and save his work, but part of the roof collapsed above him, knocking him unconscious. Between the blow to the head, the fire and the smoke, he couldn't have survived.

Death himself was waiting for Pyotr when he crossed over. He knew all about how Pyotr had saved all those evil souls from his grasp. Pyotr's attempts at arguing failed, but he was clever enough to suggest that he could pay Death back for all those souls. If allowed to become immortal himself, he could hunt down the other immortals and return them to where they belonged. Death agreed and made him the first Elemental Demise Ranger.


Pyotr is an expert on all things magical, specializing in the dark arts. He is sarcastic, brief and to the point, usually coming off as aggressive. Morally speaking he makes a big deal about how dark and light magic are not automatically evil or good, and he's very pragmatic.


  • Yellow Skull Emblem
  • Stake & Hammer


Pyotr has shaggy platinum blond hair, usually slicked back, pasty skin and brown eyes.

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