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This article is about a/an Planet in Power Rangers: Aztec Storm.
Rashon is the planet the Savage Sword was found on in Lost Galaxy, and the one later colonized by the Teotl.


Rashon appears to have both desert and forest climates relatively near each other.  There are no known native inhabitants.


It is unknown how the Savage Sword ended up on Rashon, but Pink Galaxy Ranger Kendrix Morgan learned of its existence during her research on the Galaxy Book, making it likely it was there for a long time.  The Psycho Pink Ranger attacked at this point, absorbing the knowledge of the sword from Kendrix's mind.  Kendrix and fellow Pink Ranger Cassie went to Rashon, but Psycho Pink was already there, and a battle ensued.  Absorbing Cassie's energy, Psycho Pink stabbed her morpher with the Savage Sword, creating an energy storm that even endangered Terra Venture in orbit around Rashon.  As the Megazords fought and destroyed Psycho Pink, Kendrix made her way to the eye of the storm and destroyed the Savage Sword, ending the storm but being vaporized by the backlash.

One year later, three of the Teotl were searching the galaxy for an uninhabited planet, where they could learn to control their abilities and darker urges, and settled upon Rashon as that place.  Returning to Earth, they destroyed the last of the Tzitzimime and told the others of their chosen planet, and all but Mictlantecutli embarked, the latter remaining to direct any newly-returned Teotl towards the planet.

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