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Reality 0000-00000-0021 is a parallel universe to the Prime Reality, and the home of a surviving Mai Pei.

Known Ranger Teams

  • Presumably at least some canonical Ranger teams existed, as Wendy was a fan of them.

Deviations From Prime

  • Anya Maize and Kalask never arrived in this universe, and Cyber V never formed a Ranger team (although their Wendy would probably have wanted one).
  • Without Kalask's involvement, Alphabet Soup's revival went unnoticed by S.P.D. As a result, the Twins were never freed from their control. How Mai came to be on base without Cruger's involvement is unknown.
  • Winters' Hybrid paranoia led her to attack Fort Myers, destroying it and killing everyone inside, including the Venturases and Mai Pei's parents. Matt sacrificed his life to help Mai escape, and she was saved from Commandroids by the arrival of Venja and Tem-Tar.

Known Individuals

  • Mai Pei
  • Matt Venturas
  • Wendy Venturas
  • President Winters
  • Mr. and Mrs. Pei
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