Reya Hidalgo is the technological advisor and intended Amber Rumor Ranger.


Reya traveled to Mirinoi aboard Terra Venture, surviving the crash and adjusting to the new world. She worked under Governor Stanton, and was assigned to track a peculiar energy source that had just recently appeared. The trail led her to the park where she saved a girl named Shiori Yamada from getting hit by a car. She helped Shiori to sit down and recover, and to her bewilderment her scanner reacted to the twelve-year-old. They were attacked by Gargoyles, Reya defending Shiori with a laser pistol. As the monsters swarmed, a voice told Shiori to morph, and she did, to Reya's bewilderment. The Legend Begins, Part 1

Shiori was too shocked to move, forcing Reya to step in again, but she was quickly overwhelmed. Luckily for her, veteran Galaxy Rangers Maya, Mike and Damon stepped in. When they moved to help Shiori she reacted badly, screaming that she hated the Power Rangers. They retreated to a secret scientific base that Terra Venture's government had been working on for a long time. There they met the other new Rangers--Yora, Blaze and Isabel. Having had time to figure out what triggered Shiori's morph, Reya explained to them that the swords and totems that had appeared at their call would combine to allow them to morph again with the words "Spirit In!"


Reya is caring and heroic, but she has a stubborn streak and she's secretly resentful at being passed over for Rangerhood.


Reya is African-Latina in ancestry.

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