Ryan "Ry" Maverick Sanders is a civilian clone and ally of the Mesozoic Giant Rangers.


Ry was cloned by the Akra with DNA stolen from Trini Kwan and Angel Grove civilian Richie Sanders. Due to committee bickering, he was at one point in line for the Orange Mesomorpher, with control over a Sabertooth Tiger Zord, but it was decided to leave him a civilian. He was still implanted with an Akra.

In Northside, Ry quickly befriended Sonny Stone, and later the unmorphed Mesozoic Rangers. When the Akra broadcast a telepathic wave to end an awkward situation, Ry was knocked unconscious. Later, after the Rangers' counterwave rendered his Akra all but braindead, Ry was kidnapped for further study by Monitors.

Belle and Jack's mutiny freed Ry, along with the other civilians, and they were reunited with everyone back in Northside. Ry stayed with the civilians, helping where he could, even assisting Hourglass Cerulean Ranger Garfield briefly. When the Akra Station began blasting Northside to the ground, both of Ry's legs were shot off and he was buried under a pile of debris. As he went into shock, the Akra Queen arrived, rejuvenating his Akra so it could heal him. She gave him one of her morphers, RPM Copper, so she wouldn't have to overtax herself in the upcoming battle. Under her control, Ry fought the Rangers with a vengeance, but was stopped. Remembering what the Queen had done, he rejuvenated Mary's Akra and saved her life. To his disappointment, the morpher collapsed into White Akra upon the Queen's death.

In the aftermath, Ry helped rebuild the city. His Akra, which he named Maverick, was relatively pliable and worked with him instead of trying to take him over again. To his amazement, Richie himself turned up only a week later, having found out about the clones from Time Force. He offered Ry a place to stay in exchange for being shown around the city, which Ry accepted.


As an Akra, Ry was something of a loner, and Maverick still is. Naturally, Ry is friendly and kind-hearted, hiding away when he's upset.

Talents and Abilities

Ry is a skilled martial artist and football quarterback, as well as computer literate.


Ry is Amerasian, with a slim, fit build, pale skin, blue eyes and usually gelled black hair.

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