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This article is about a/an location in Power Rangers: Aztec Storm.
San Orlando is a city in Sonora, Mexico, and the home of the Aztec Storm Rangers.


San Orlando is primarily a tourist city, thus having a good percentage of English speakers along with Spanish. It contains at least a school system, one beach and a number of tall buildings separated by narrow alleys. Its biggest attraction is the set of ancient Aztec temples a short way out of town. The general climate is desert-like, though the Pacific does make the weather more gentle.


San Orlando was founded fairly recently, in the 1950's, with the tourist industry in mind. As that faded away, the city began to slump, particularly in terms of youth, who either took to criminal activities or left. It made something of a comeback in the late eighties, but juvenile delinquency only fell significantly in the mid-nineties.

The police and medical facilities were always limited, but it wasn't until the invasion of the Tzitzimime that they were rendered truly inadequate. The city lost a lot of its slowly-growing clientele, replaced by Power Ranger fans and demonologists, which by this time had grown to a significant number.

In the Rangers' final battle, the already-abandoned warehousing district was all but obliterated, as was much of the financial district.

Significant Residents

  • The Aztec Storm Rangers
  • Ernie
  • Officer Leo Mror
  • Officer Pedro Mror
  • Lieutenant Rico Monterey
  • Luis Manuel
  • Miss Lorenzo
  • Guillermo and Natasha Watsford

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