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Season Sigil

School flag.

The Season Ninja Academy is a secret Ninja training school in Scrimshaw, New Zealand, teaching the four disciplines of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.


The Season Academy is mostly underground, its main entrance being through a local gym. It is divided into five sections, one for each of the disciplines, and one shared area. Students rarely board with the school, finding local lodgings if necessary.

The school weapon is the tewhatewha, a traditional Maori weapon introduced by Master Aihe, the very first Summer Sensei and mother-in-law of the school Sensei.


The Season Academy was founded by Japanese and Chinese immigrants in the wake of World War II (declared a full school in 1951), who intermarried with Maori natives and taught each other various fighting techniques.

It was one of the most open, easily-entered schools, despite the secretive layout and design. Many graduates went on to join police and military organizations, covertly using their Ninja abilities when necessary.

In 2003, the school was attacked and mostly destroyed by Lothor's forces, under the leadership of the Thinker. Of the main buildings, only the Zord hangar survived. A month or two later, the students who'd escaped this and other attacks were finally able to defeat the invaders, freeing the rest of the Academy who'd been taken captive.


Season Symbols
  • Spring, the ability to enliven organic life, associated with the Iguana.
  • Summer, the ability to generate heat, associated with the Kiwi Bird.
  • Autumn, the ability to camouflage, associated with the Fox.
  • Winter, the ability to generate cold, associated with the Penguin.


  • Sensei Akina O'Hara, a master of all four techniques and the head of the school.  She is the youngest to ever take this position at 28.
  • Master Viktor Von Kreig, Sensei of the Winter Ninjas
  • Mistress Lily Hollister, Sensei of the Spring Ninjas
  • Master Bruce Lucas, Sensei of the Summer Ninjas
  • Mistress Willow Lin, Sensei of the Autumn Ninjas

Known Students

  • Anya Barnes, Winter Ninja and Ranger, expelled
  • Sienna Lacy, Summer  Ninja and Ranger
  • Tyler Thorne, Autumn Ninja and Ranger
  • Jeremy Wick, Winter Ninja, deceased
  • Lyle Nolan, Winter Ninja
  • Darla Moody, Spring Ninja, graduated
  • Peter Landors, graduated

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