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This article is about a/an interdimensional gap in Power Rangers Cyber V.
The Dimensional Limbo is a place between dimensions and realities where time has no meaning. Here Kalask plans and executes his twisted games of conquest upon the multiverse from his headquarters, the Shadow Claw.

It is not known how Kalask discovered the existence of Limbo, but it is apparently only accessible via warp-portals. While time has no meaning, its residents still seem to live in a linear manner relatively equivalent to that of the various timestreams.


The Shadow Claw itself is a castle atop a floating island in the midst of all that nothingness. It's influences run the gamut from ancient to futuristic. Kalask lords over his generals from his throne, and keeps his various monsters locked away in special containment cells until he has need of them. Due to time having little meaning, the monsters themselves don't really notice how long they've been cooped up.

Significant Residents

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