Jackson "Sonny" Kristoffer Stone is a civilian living in Northside, cloned by the Akra, and an ally of the Mesozoic Giants.


Sonny was cloned from DNA stolen from Lt. Jerome Stone and Karyn Appleby in order to serve as an extra. He was placed in Northside, and quickly befriended Ry Sanders. His shyness made him a bullying target in school. Thanks to an incident involving a bucket of paint and a wobbly ladder, he also made firm enemies with Lenore and her motorcycle gang, who began seriously harassing him.

During one incident, a girl named Tawny DeSantos intervened on Sonny's behalf, and with the help of her friends, scared Lenore off. Sonny developed a crush almost immediately. Only minutes later, his camera was stolen by Cobalt and turned into a monster, which the Rangers promptly destroyed.

Lenore found Sonny again, and was about to seriously hurt him when the Silverstar tore up Northside. Shrapnel from the explosion killed and maimed her gang, also taking off Sonny's left ear. Dazed, he let Lenore help him back to the center of town, where the unmorphed Rangers found them. Mama D broadcast an order to surrender, which they obeyed, and were locked in a warehouse. Sonny was later separated from the others for medical treatment, and recovered in a highschool converted into a hospital.

Later, Sonny heard about Tawny's capture and Ranger status, as well as the destruction of Mama D's subcraft. He headed for a nearby quarry, guessing that it was as likely a place as any for monsters to hide their prisoners. Sure enough, a guard attacked Sonny, almost killing him before the Russet Hourglass Ranger intervened. Together, the pair found a nearly delirious Tawny (along with Cody), who greeted Sonny with "Oh no."

As Tawny was recovering, Sonny visited her, and tentatively made his feelings known. As gently as she could, Tawny rejected him. Understanding but heartbroken, Sonny slipped away and joined the other civilians. He helped as best he could, until the Akra Station began leveling Northside. To his horror, Ry's legs were severed, and he nearly bled to death before the Akra Queen turned up and re-activated him. Sonny earned a concussion for his concern.

After the war was over, Sonny helped with the city's reconstruction, particularly the restoration of the Watering Hole alongside Ry.


Sonny was always shy, not perfectly comfortable in his own skin, but fun-loving and empathetic.

Talents and Abilities

Sonny is a skilled photographer and is good at reading people.


Sonny has a fit build, short blond hair with blue highlights, green eyes and tan skin.

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