The Starstrike Rangers are an interplanetary Ranger team tasked primarily with investigating the threat to KO-82.


Designation Name
Stellar Red David
Stellar Yellow Tyler
Stellar Green Karen
Stellar Cyan Kiyr
Stellar Blue Liam
Stellar Magenta Alexis
Stellar Bright ???


David is a Vask who was raised on Onyx and smuggled away by SPD in 2007. He was adopted into the Reeve family. He is more or less socialized into Earth's culture, but he still feels out of place as one of Earth's earliest alien immigrants. He met Liam and Tyler at a martial arts class and became good friends with them.

His specialized weapon is a pair of nunchaku. He is the tactical strategist of the team.


Tyler Marschall is the yellow Ranger. He feels like the only “normal” person on the team, as an Earth native without special powers or Ranger connections. Though he has always been interested in the martial arts, he doesn’t like fighting; he enjoys the self-discipline aspect the most. He is motivated as a Ranger by bringing justice and protecting the innocent.

His specialized weapon is a bo (quarterstaff). He is the most skilled martial artist on the team, and he enjoys training and mentoring others.


Karen Allen was recruited by Brian from another universe to join Starsrike. She has the ability to sense the presence of sentient beings at great distance; she compares this sense to seeing colored points of light.

Her specialized weapon is a pair of sai (daggers). She is considered to be the diplomatic "glue" of the team. She is the least experienced in martial arts, but she had a long history of athletic discipline before becoming a Ranger.


Main article: Kiyr

Kiyr is a Xybrian scholar of Ranger history and had a large part in the design and construction of the Starstrike powers.

His specialized weapon is a bow. He looks up to the others for their various skills, but he will not hesitate to speak up if he thinks that a plan will go badly.


Liam Carson is the son of an SPD scientist and a rabbi. Due to the SPD lab accident in 2001, he has the ability to sense auras; he wears gloves nearly all the time to help him contain this ability. He comes across as goofy and carefree, though he cares very much about doing a good job at whatever he puts his hand to.

His specialized weapon is a hammer. He is considered to be the "heart" and morale booster of the team.


Alexis Myers is the daughter of Eric Myers and Taylor Earhardt. Having been raised by two people with military background, she is tough and independent, and often insensitive. She is the youngest member of the team at 15.  Her courage and endurance in battle is inspiring to the others on her team. She chose to join the mission even though it meant giving up her studies and athletic pursuits, at least temporarily.

Her specialized weapon is an axe. She is good at determining the most efficient (ruthless) path to success, which is part of what she appreciates about her weapon.

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