In the Starstrike series, a substantial portion of PR canon has been used, as well as some ideas from Amit Bhaumik's abandoned Hexagon concept. Major spoilers ahead.

The baseline of this story is the Power Rangers show through Mystic Force. This includes all teamup episodes, including Forever Red. It does not include A Season to Remember. The timeline is then altered from this point.

The two alterations to the canon timeline are:

  • In 1999, Tommy visits the Astro Megaship museum. He meets a historian there. This encounter eventually inspires him to start the Hexagon.
  • The Scroll of Destiny from PRNS does not exist. Without this encouragement, Kiya Watanabe eventually repents of his use of dark magic and does not become Lothor.

Here are some examples of how canon interacts with these changes.

  • The characters from PRNS exist.
    • Shane, Tori and Dustin are expelled.
    • Cam's zord designs are well on their way to completion when Sensei Kanoi hands over the Ranger powers to the Hexagon. As a result, Cam works for the Hexagon, supporting three different Rangers.
    • Hunter and Blake are never orphaned by Lothor, so their lives go very differently. Different Thunder Ninjas are given the Thunder morphers. There is a dark yellow (amber) power as well, per Bhaumik's ideas.
  • Tommy still worked with Mercer. Mesogog still exists and has the same intentions. He attacks Reefside in 2004, roughly on schedule.
  • The 2001 lab accident described in PRSPD still happens. However, the Hexagon's introduction in 2002 changes so many things that the B-Squad Rangers we know are never born. Other children with civilian powers are born to the SPD scientists.
  • Everything from PRMF exists, so Rita does become the Mystic Mother. The changes to the timeline interact very little with that season.
  • Nothing from PROO onward necessarily exists. I do not have to explain Alpha being in a box in Angel Grove, why both Pai Zhua and the ninja academies exist, whether RPM is in an alternate universe or what, whether Miko has any connection to the samurai lines of PRS (and why they exist in the same universe with Pai Zhua and the ninja academies), or anything about the Legendary Battle.

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