Hello and welcome to TokuFanon Wiki!  Here you can take a break from editing facts on the Tokupedia sites and let your creativity shine!

Show fans your artwork and story ideas and maybe make a few new friends along the way!

While we are a little more lax than the other wikis, we do have rules to keep things from getting out of hand:

1. Nothing with adult content involving graphic depictions of sex or anything disturbingly perverted. Violence is okay so long as you don't go too overboard with it. We wish to promote a safe environment for our users.

2. If your idea is a collaboration with someone else make sure you give them credit as well as yourself.

3. No stealing other people's artwork from sites like Deviantart. Doing so is a block-able offense. How long you are blocked depends on how many times you do it and if you repeat the offense after being blocked. This will be a three-strike system. Do it three times and you are outta here.

4. Have fun!