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This article is about a/an Ninja academy in Power Rangers: Lost Ninjas.
Terra Sigil
Terra Ninja Academy
is a ninja school in the Appalachians, near Castle Ridge, Pennsylvania. It trains students in styles based on the mountains that surround it: Stone, Metal, Jewel and Mineral Spring.


Terra Academy itself is a large, wooden building hidden in the mountains. The material was chosen because none of the students learned to manipulate it, and thus could not warp the structure by accident. Most training happens outside on the grounds, but the large basement serves during inclement weather. Students typically do not board, having to either find local lodgings or move closer. There are a number of secret tunnels and trails leading from the Academy to Castle Ridge to make the commute easier.

The school weapon is the Terra Bo. The uniform is composed of a T-shirt in the discipline's color, worn under a brown leather jacket with the Terra Sigil on either shoulder, along with long pants and knee-length boots.


Terra Academy was founded by miners in 1866, near the end of the American Civil War, by a war-weary Enlightenment group looking for a different way to defend themselves. This school was very exclusive at first, only open to white men, but gradually it began to allow others in, and soon was full of minorities, particularly Native Americans, who introduced the Mineral Springs discipline.


Terra Sigils
  • Jewel, the ability to manipulate precious stones, associated with the Deer.
  • Stone, the ability of stone physiology, associated with the Cougar.
  • Metal, the ability of mercury physiology, associated with the Screech Owl.
  • Mineral Springs, the ability to generate geysers, associated with the Copperhead Snake.


  • Sensei Raoul Blackfeather
  • Master Christine Pearl, Sensei of the Jewel Ninjas
  • Master Erik Hochstetter, Sensei of the Stone Ninjas
  • Master Antoinette Giry, Sensei of the Metal Ninjas
  • Master Shabhaz Vincent, Sensei of the Mineral Springs Ninjas

Known Students

  • Angela Giry, Jewel Ninja and daughter of Master Giry
  • Michael Freeman, Stone Ninja
  • Qing, Stone Ninja
  • Juliet, Stone Ninja
  • Hoa Thi Pinh, Stone Ninja

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