The Black Lily is a secret society that was created to help aliens trapped on hostile worlds.


Members of the Black Lily are usually natives to whatever planet they are based on, chosen because they are willing to help offworlders in spite of fear or prejudice. An existing member of the order will then contact them and ask if they'd be willing to help in the future.

Members fulfill a variety of roles based on their skills and resources, from transport to hosting and acclimating aliens to breaking them out of laboratories. Levels in the organization are decided by the number of successful missions, but even the highest-ranking members know very little of operations outside their "territory."

The Black Lily utilizes a variety of codes, passwords and message systems. The most common sign is a drawing of a black lily; seven petals around a three-sectioned center.  Most members have at least one living plant around their home as well.


The Black Lily was formed shortly after the fall of Eltar to Dark Specter's Alliance of Evil by a portion of the resistance, in order to help Zordon's family and other endangered people flee offworld. They and their contacts soon realized that in a universe full of intergalactic tyrants and conquerors, a society dedicated to these kinds of missions was badly needed.

So far, they have kept their existence a deep, dark secret. Few of their operations have been witnessed or remembered by the public of any planet they operate on.