Victoria "Tori" Park
Mesozoic Black Ranger
Gender: Female
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Season: Power Rangers: Mesozoic Giants
Colors: Black
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Mesozoic Mission, Part 2
Last Appearance: Close of the Mesozoic Era
Number of Episode
Mesozoic Black Ranger
Mesozoic Aquamarine Ranger

Victoria "Tori" Park is the former Mesozoic Black Ranger and the current Mesozoic Aquamarine Ranger.


Tori was cloned from DNA stolen from Adam Park and Kat Hilliard, given fake memories of being their daughter, and set up as an Extra by the Akra as an experiment in their newest form. In her made-up past, her parents were never home, so she grew up a loner, and eventually worked as a scientist in a Northside laboratory, trying to create the cure for cancer.

As Mesozoic Black, Tori rarely interacted with her teammates off the battlefield, except when necessary. She worked the hardest to find a cure for Needleback's venom, and was baffled when Mama D appeared in the hospital to make sure she gave the antidote to a particular civilian. That man turned out to be Cobalt in disguise. Confronting him, Tori received a faceful of monster-generated gas for her trouble.

When her true past was revealed, Tori distanced herself further from her teammates, but slowly she warmed up to them. Later, as the Akra activated a virus that made the Silverstar go insane, an angry Tiffany Grace-Drake grabbed the first Ranger she could get her hands on--Tori--and gouged out her left eye. Jack had tried to remove Tiffany's own eye to access a retinal scan, and the Akra wanted revenge.

Tori took the aftermath with controlled frustration. She accepted Cody's gift of an eyepatch to cover the injury, but told him she wasn't ready and almost threw it away after he left. For the final battle, Tori swapped the patch for her bandages.

Afterwards, she helped clean up what was left of Northside, and accepted a position protecting the city and its recovering Akra Hosts from discovery.


Like most Extras, Tori didn't get much of a personality, mainly just the trait of being a loner. Afterwards, she developed an empathetic side along with that, though she was never much of a talker. She also swears in Korean thanks to fake memories of being taught to by her "father."


  • Stegafist
  • Stegazord

  • Elasmowhip
  • Elasmozord


Tori is a Caucasian-Asian blend, though leaning more towards the former. She has a petite build and white skin, with brown hair that goes about to her waist and blue eyes.

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