Universe Delta is one of the universes between the Prime Reality and the Sentai Universe, albeit closer to Prime. It also has several links to other realities, like the Crack to the Whoniverse, or the one to the H2Overse which the Akra exploited.

Known Ranger Teams

*Asterisk indicates the exact universe has not been confirmed.

Deviations from Prime

  • The Greek Gods are real, and Hades is explicitly evil and set on the destruction of humanity.
  • The Aztec Gods are also real, though not divine, and were almost entirely evil before being purified by the Z-Wave.
  • Neo Zeo was founded by a post-Z-Wave Lord Zedd, not Alpha 5.
  • Blue Zeo Ranger Violet Wildman was transformed into a masked warrior called Wraith when abducted by the team's enemies and turned against the Rangers, instead of continuing to use her morpher.
  • Hourglass Facility's founding members were from the 21st century and had a different roster.
  • The Archosaurs are known as the Mesozoic Giants and likewise have a different set of Rangers.


See Main Article: Timeline (Universe Delta)

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