Gender: Female
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Season: Power Rangers: Rumor Legion
Type: General
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First Appearance: The Legend Begins, Part 1
Last Appearance: TBA
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Valkyrie is one of Lord Maahes's followers and the usual leader of his attack force.


Valkyrie was already a member of Maahes's personal guard when his mother was overthrown, and stayed with him as the Pyramid Platform escaped and landed on Mirinoi. She led a group of Gargoyles to retrieve the Quasar Sabers, which they did, rock and all, but she was interrupted by the brand-new Rumor Legion Red Ranger, Yora. She would likely have defeated him if Blaze hadn't stepped in and morphed. At this point she ended the fight and left. Maahes was not pleased to hear that a second Ranger had appeared, and sent both her and Lizadite out to stop them.

During the next battle, against all of the Rangers, Valkyrie had to retrieve a terrified Shiori Yamada from her hiding place. Frustrated at the girl's terror and the other Rangers' bickering, she forced everyone to sit down so that she could lecture them about what a terrible example they were being. While they did manage to knock her down, the teens quickly resumed their bickering and she walked out.

A Gargoyle reported to her that Shiori was lost in the jungle, and Valkyrie went to collect her, in order to prove just how unqualified the Amber Ranger actually was to her boss. She quickly overpowered Shiori, voicing her surprise that any guardian spirit would choose her--which Shiori quickly explained, it hadn't. She'd been taken by accident. Valkyrie believed her, and decided that she wouldn't be strong enough for Lizadite's experiments. She even started to feel pity for the girl--not that the feelings topped her from having Gurok turn her into a kitten. She taunted Yora when he arrived and let Gurok fight him. The other Rangers soon arrived, utilizing their newly-discovered secondary powers. Valkyrie observed Gurok's prompt defeat and left by Gargoyle. She contacted Lizadite, who assured her that his newest idea might help them capture all five Rangers. That spell turned out to be one that revived Gurok and turned him into a giant.


Valkyrie takes her job as a warrior very seriously. She initially doesn't consider the Rumor Legion Rangers even good enough for her to fight, actively encouraging them to act as more of a unified team.


Valkyrie is a tall, muscular blonde woman who usually wears chainmail and leather armor.

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