Witch Lapis Lazuli
Gender: Female
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Season: Kamen Rider Hex
Type: Leader
Homeworld: Korundum
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Witch Lapis Lazuli is the current Underfolk ruler of Korundum, and the primary enemy of Kamen Riders Hex and Scarab.


Lapis Lazuli was born under Overfolk rule, and worked in a mine for most of her childhood. While there, she discovered that she possessed a special ability only a few Underfolk had: crystallokinesis. She practiced in secret, knowing that crystallokinesis had been outlawed as witchcraft by the Overfolk. Eventually another Underfolk saw her and told the guards. They attempted to execute her, but she was rescued by a group of rebels.

Mastering her powers, Lapis Lazuli eventually worked her way to the top of the rebellion, uniting their allies and coordinating attacks so they'd hit where they'd hurt most. She retained the title of "witch" intentionally. Eventually, she found friends inside the palace itself, and set up the final attack.

In the middle of the night, several insiders let Lapis Lazuli and her forces inside. They swept through the palace, taking everyone they could captive and killing if they had to. They won, and immediately put the survivors on trial. Nearly all of the adults were found guilty and executed.

Lapis Lazuli was appointed ruler, but she immediately set up the parliamentary government she'd been planning, which even satisfied the Overfolk eventually. However, she wasn't quite as good a ruler as a soldier, and even though her rule went peacefully for a while, unrest began to stir. Eventually, Lapis Lazuli decided that the best way to unite the nation was to start a war somewhere else.


Lazuli is determined, creative and willing to do just about anything to get her way--but she also avoids unnecessary bloodshed or harm, which she considers wasteful.

Physical Appearance

Lapis Lazuli has blue-black fur. She has a number of scars across her body from various battles, particularly ones on her muzzle.

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