Xybria is a habitable planet in a galaxy quite far from Earth, the same galaxy as Onyx. Its civilization has attained highly advanced technology, but has only recently developed Ranger powers.


Xybrians have various telepathic gifts that originate from gems embedded in their foreheads. Most of them have involuntary visions of the thoughts of nearby people. As a result, they have a very open and frank culture in which the idea of keeping secrets is foreign. Because they themselves say what they mean, they gained a reputation among other races for naively trusting anyone at their word. While some Xybrians are like this, many have learned to mistrust non-Xybrians.

Though Xybrians have sophisticated means of space travel, very few of them ever leave their home planet. The Xybrian world government has a strong isolationist policy, refusing to make contact with any civilizations not already trusted. The civilizations that they do trust are primarily Karova and Triforia. In 2007 Xybria extended trust toward SPD by joining its alliance and allowing an SPD base to be built there. However, SPD overstepped its boundaries by making a much larger base than was originally planned, in order to launch its attack on Onyx. When this failed, Xybria's relationship with SPD and its largely human workforce soured. Earth-Xybria relations would continue to be strained for many, many years, to the point where Xybrians would face significant prejudice in the era of Time Force.

Ranger history

The first Xybrian Power Rangers were active in the year 1998. Their powers were experiments developed by a local goverment and only put into use as a last resort. These Rangers defended their hometown from mercenaries who wanted to kidnap Xybrians and experiment on them. Xybrians have since poured extravagant academic resources into studying the Grid and Ranger history. (Kiyr was involved in one such program.) Some of them hope that they will find evidence of ancient Xybrian Rangers, like that which has been found on Earth and Eltar, but so far there has been nothing.

Many civilizations developed Ranger powers in pre-industrial societies in conjunction with magic arts, using naturally-occurring materials as foci. This tended to produce the "standard" range of colors, with only minor variations: red, blue, yellow, green, pink, black, and white. Xybria did not develop Ranger powers until its information age, so its technicians used synthetic materials to focus the power into very narrow bands of frequencies. Their Ranger colors thus tended to be the primary and secondary colors of light: red, yellow, green, cyan, blue and magenta. Because Xybrians’ eyes are different from human eyes, they do not consider pink/magenta to be its own color (calling it "bluish red"), and they do consider cyan to be its own color. So a five-Ranger team would usually consist of red, yellow, green, cyan and blue, with a sixth ranger wearing black (i.e. ultraviolet) or white.

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