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This article is about a/an weapon in Power Rangers Cyber V.
The Z-Wave Generators were designed by Meredith Winters after she was forced into hiding to avoid capture by S.P.D.


Shaped like wrist-mounted rods, these devices are specifically calibrated to affect Venjix Hybrids and place their minds under the wearer's control. They can also penetrate the psi-shields of the Cyber V Rangers' helmets. Winters specifically designed the energy to resemble the Zedd Waves once used by Beamcaster to add a psychological warfare aspect to it, knowing of Wendy Venturas's long-standing fear of mind control. The initial use of the device instead affected the personality of Jake Taylor, but the device was quickly recalibrated to be harmless to normal humans and to block Zord programming.

Once a subject is placed under the control of a Z-Wave Generator, the only currently known way to free them is to destroy it; otherwise, the subject will be unquestioningly obediant to whomever holds the device. A subject under the control generally repeats the phrase "I hear and obey," although Wendy's perverse love of Ranger trivia somehow led her to say "Hail Lord Zedd" instead at first.

The Z-Wave Generators were then distributed to the Commandroids in anticipation of an attack on the Alphabet Soup base by Doggie Cruger and the Twins. The mere sight of that many generators alone nearly stopped Wendy in her tracks. Wielding one herself, Winters almost succeeded in enslaving Techno Grey all over again, but was stopped by the timely intervetion of Shadow Ranger and Matt with the Techno Flyer. In the ensuing chaos, all but Winters' Generator were destroyed.

The final Generator was used successfully on the Venturas Twins, but destroyed by them after they morphed, activating the psi shielding their allies had just completed.

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