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Zelira of Eltar
White Air Ranger
Gender: Female
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Colors: White
Homeworld: Eltar
First Appearance: Death's Door
Last Appearance: Rest in Peace
Number of Episode
White Air Ranger

Zelira of Eltar is the White Air Ranger.


Zelira was born on the planet Eltar. At age twelve, she enrolled in medical school (not unusual on Eltar) and did very well, receiving a doctorate at 17. She met some of the robotic duplicates of the Turbo Rangers, whom Zordon had created to help fight on Eltar, and she and their version of TJ bonded. One year later, she became a field doctor in a hospital during the invasion of the Alliance of Evil. After the planet’s conquest, Zelira joined the resistance, helping to found The Black Lily and faking a prison epidemic to rescue its captives, including most of Zordon's family.


Zelira still has a lot of empathy and desire to help others, but the war has hardened her, taught her that letting herself show her emotions or let them get the best of her can hurt the people around her. She still tries to be compassionate but she's ultimately hard as nails. She sees her current mission as something she'll probably be doing for the rest of eternity.


  • White Skull Emblem
  • Stake & Hammer


Zelira is the Eltarian equivalent of African, with black hair and brown eyes, though in certain lighting they look like they're rimmed with gold. She stands at 6'3" and weighs about 210 lbs, being strong but not overly muscular.


  • Zelira was originally a male OC named Firion, who was originally submitted to Starwriter0303's fanfiction Power Rangers: Covert Agents, but was rejected. He was repurposed for another fic called Rumor Legion, but the author decided to swap him and another character.

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